How to get rid of a caffeine headache or migraine

Missed your daily cup of coffee and now your head is throbbing? You’re not alone. Over half of the adult population of the US drinks coffee daily, and more than a few of those drinkers suffer from caffeine headaches.

Fortunately, ridding yourself of a caffeine headache is a straightforward and simple process. All it requires is a little willpower and determination - and maybe a little bit of suffering at first. But hey, no pain, no gain.

So what causes a caffeine headache? Simply put: caffeine addiction. When you drink too much caffeine - keyword: too much - on a regular basis, your body adapts to your caffeine levels and you start to develop a tolerance for the substance. Soon enough, you need your regular cup of coffee just to get to normal, and way more than that to keep you up and awake.

Unfortunately, what this means is when you skip that regular cup of coffee - you’re suddenly way more tired than you used to be before your caffeine addiction, and you might even start experiencing severely unpleasant side effects such as caffeine headaches, migraines, or ‘brain fog’. Doesn’t sound so great, does it?

The good news is, the solution is just as simple as the cause. Just stop drinking so much coffee or downing so many energy drinks, and within a few days, your symptoms will start clearing up, and before you know it, they’ll be gone entirely.

For any serious caffeine addict, quitting cold turkey on the spot could be quite the painful endeavor however. For a smoother transition - try cutting down gradually, a little bit per day, until you’re completely off caffeine. You may still experience some symptoms, but they’ll be significantly less severe than if you were to go cold turkey all at once.

If the symptoms are still too severe, consider common over the counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Also be sure to keep well hydrated throughout the day and get more than adequate rest.

And when you’re finally cured but find yourself still needing caffeine to get by but unwilling to go through the painful process of caffeine dependency and withdrawal again, consider giving Sprayable Energy a shot.

Sprayable Energy is a revolutionary new way to get your caffeine that’s specifically designed to give you exactly the caffeine you need to be focused, awake, and productive throughout your day without causing you to become dependent and suffer through unpleasant withdrawal effects like other products.

How do we do it? Well, the secret is in the delivery and the dose. Unlike other products that you drink or ingest, when you use Sprayable, the caffeine in our formula enters your skin at a smooth, steady rate over time. So instead of getting all that caffeine at once and being overwhelmed with the buzz and jitters at the beginning and the crash at the end, all you get is smooth, steady energy that lasts.

Moreover, recent primary research has shown that the cognitive benefits of caffeine peak at very low doses. Less than 12.5 mg of caffeine has the exact same cognitive benefits as 100 mg or more. Intaking more caffeine may make you physically more jittery and buzzed, but it does absolutely nothing to help you actually be more mentally focused and alert - so why take more? 

Sprayable allows you to self-regulate your dose and get exactly what you need, and nothing more. Everyone’s different - spray as much as you personally need, and get on with your day.