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Sprayable Energy Launch Details

We launched Sprayable through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo
between August & September 2013 with the following results:

  • $170,000 of product pre-ordered in 45 days
  • 1,100%+ of initial $15k fundraising goal and
  • #2 most funded campaign ever in our category

In addition:

  • 600,000 does of Sprayable ordered
  • 15,000 units sold
  • 1,300+ mentions on global media outlets in 6 weeks
  • 3,000+ unique customers
  • #1 Most popular active campaign on Indiegogo out of 4,300+ active campaigns

Survey Results based on 300+ customers

Size: Size of a lipstick tube
(0.9inches x 3.7 inches)

Capacity 8ml
(160 sprays – 40 uses of product)

Retail Price $15
($0.37 per use)