Like most great partnerships, Ben & Deven met on an expedition vessel to Antarctica (yes, seriously).

We were cabin mates and discovered that we have way too many things in common (including growing up in Chicago, and being fascinated by the show Breaking Bad).

We were both aspiring entrepreneurs – Ben dropped out of Harvard to pursue a Thiel Fellowship, and Deven just stepped away from his job as a Venture Capitalist.

We decided that instead of building the next great web application, we wanted to create something tangible that would actually help people.

The product all started with Ben’s dad, who is a PhD in chemistry – and holds several patents focused on how substances can be better absorbed through the skin.

We soon learned that caffeine could be applied through your skin in small doses, and the idea for Sprayable Energy was born.

Under his dad’s guidance, and staying up for hours at a time experimenting, we developed the formulation for Sprayable Energy – an odorless, colorless, product you spray onto your skin to instantly get smooth, focused energy for several hours without the jitters or crash you get with energy drinks and coffee.

Climbing Mount Kosciuszko, Australia

Starting Sprayable in Santiago, Chile

We’ve since used Sprayable Energy ourselves (Deven has gone from a 3-coffee-a-day guy to switching to just a few sprays of our product), run trials with friends, family, and strangers.

We’re now ready for the rest of the world to experience Sprayable Energy and the end of tired.


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